Bette is experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional. She loves her work and offers a comforting environment, making every effort to accommodate your diet with healthy and organic options specific to what you like and are able to eat. Come and visit Bette in: West Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Costa Rica and Malta, Europe. It may also be possible to arrange a visit to your own location if you have a group of 6 people.Hope to see you soon!


Julia, RN

I wanted to experience Iboga to help me clear behavioural patters and artificial concepts/belief system in my brain that were installed in me without my conscious awareness. After Iboga experience- overall I feel lighter in the sense that it feels a lot of mental toxicity was removed from my system. I feel calmer, more peaceful and more harmonious. As a long time spiritual student/teacher I was able to truly experience ( in the sense that it is not longer a belief in a concept but an actual knowing and experience)- third eye. During my experience I was guided by a male voice which was explaining to me in a very calm and loving manner the meaning of what I see in my third eye and how it relates to a deeper Truth vs my personal life. The art therapy was an important component- because it provided me with deep insight into my inner world and as thus after careful reflection on it- I was able to understand the deeper meaning and a construction of reality from my inner world- how it is all woven together. During my time with Bette- I felt completely worry free, very safe and cared for. Any of the questions arising in my head- was immediately answered by Bette- without me actually verbalising it. When I needed reassurance during the experience- Bette provided exactly that. I could not even imagine anything being executed with more grace then I experienced under Bette's guidance and care. Overall it was one of lifetime experiences that I m grateful for from the depth of my heart. Thank you so much

Donny Lalonde (retired World Boxing Champion)

" I just cannot thank you enough for the life I have since the Iboga experience you so professionally, compassionately and expertly guided me through. My damaged eye from boxing is healed. My prostate is MUCH better. The damage I suffered from child hood abuse, football concussions, Hockey concussions and 27 years of boxing are ALL GONE. I feel as if I am a new man. Those traumatic, drama inducing, diminished health experiences, are literally OUT OF ME. I feel enthusiastic about my every day and every moment in my life again as if I am the 9 year old we went back to during the treatment. I am ME again!! I could go on and on and on about the subtle differences as well like no more procrastinating, no more, lack of self esteem, self confidence, I am full steam ahead in life and I have not been this full of life and excited to be living since I was the 9 year old we visited in my treatment.  

Robert, I.T and Graphics Artist

I would heartily recommend to anyone sufficiently motivated to heal themselves of addictions, dependencies and obsessions – or even sufficiently curious to explore the spiritual dimensions of existence – to meet Iboga, paradoxically the drug to end all drugs and an unparalleled psychedelic vehicle. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity and suggest that the expense is worth it because a trained guide is necessary, in my experience, or at least someone who has been through that particular wormhole themselves and has the temperament of a very patient nurse because the night journey is so long, though I have read of desparados who have done their own therapy. After several hundred journeys with psychedelics into hyperspace alone myself, solo travelling is often preferable yet trips with companions can be very productive in other ways, but I've never had a guide or sitter (nor felt the need of one) except for my first journey as a lad on Owsley's White Lightning. It was nice to have adult supervision and to have a meal awaiting me and my friends in the morning. In the case of Iboga though, the ataxia alone makes soloing risky. Keeping one's concentration on the mission, the purpose of the journey, is not easy either because of the overwhelming nature of the transformation. I would compare it to pulling your own teeth. Hire an expert for jobs like that.

My experience was a psycho-spiritual detox, not a traditional initiation, but thank you, Bwiti, for the amazing grace!