Iboga Classification Clarification

Iboga is not a psycheldelic, and instead is an oneirophrenic. It produces REM brain waves, enabling us to "dream" while still fully conscious. "Iboga has been termed an oneirophrenic; a substance that elicits "a dream phenomenon without loss of consciousness or change in the perception of the environment or any illusions or formal deterioration of thought and without depersonalization" (Goutarel, Gollnhofer & Sillans 1993). 

Iboga Detoxification

One of Iboga's unique characteristics is that of alleviating the physical withdrawl symptome of heroin and opiate detox in a 24 hour period. It takes longer for methadone detox, as that drug and some of the other pharmaceuticals get deep into the bones of the body and obscure the mind with a mental dependency. Once the process is complete, no further use of the Iboga is necessary, although it has been found beneficial to take a maintenance dose of the root for severe depression for a short interval following treatment. Iboga cleanses the body of drugs and resets the brain's neural chemistry. Many experience immediate freedom from any cravings, thought to be due to the metabolite Nor-ibogane, which finds it's way into the liver and fat cells.It can take up to 72 to 96 hours post treatment for these effects to really be experienced. It has a documented anti-depressive effect that establishes a state of well-being, free from negative thought patterns, and when nurtured, resides for the next 6 months or longer. During a detox treatment, one may or may not experience visions, but Iboga still does the job of re-setting and re-balancing the body and mind.  There is still a lot of physical recovery needed to really become balanced, and Iboga therapy is most effective when combined with the initiation of a healthy lifestyle, but as far as craving and chemical dependency the change occurs rather quickly.

Physical Healing

It is understood today, that unresolved trauma in our lives is the root cause of addictions and disease. We are all naturally born healers, with different degrees of mastery. If you are ready to make changes in your life, many forms of physical healing are possible. Iboga can help with a variety of conditions.

Psycho-Spiritual Journey

Iboga can provide individuals with critical insights into the origins of their unhealthy psychological and emotional behavior patterns. Iboga has the effect of replicating REM (rapid eye movement or dream-state) brain waves during the initial "high" stage, when the conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind merge.It is an "Awakened Dream State", where past events, even those which the individual is not conscious of, may come to the surface of your thoughts. Many individuals have suddenly understood or clarified past traumatic events or situations that, in part, have led to their present life condition. In effect, years of therapy can be replicated in a matter of hours. This is not experienced visually by everyone. It varies depending on what you are using and current health conditions etc. This can be a very beneficial experience.

Spiritual Journey

Iboga is a medicine for spiritual discovery, and if your body is free from toxins, and your mind is free of emotional baggage, you may have a spiritual journey. Iboga is truly the tree of knowledge and it will give you the answers to all your questions. You may wonder for example, if you can trust someone. You may have formed a belief about that person, based on your feelings, but now can you really know. Iboga will give you the knowledge you are seeking, and it will give the same answer to anyone else who asks the same question independently. You are warned, that you must be ready for the truth, because there is only one truth.


Currently, the only way to be initiated into the Bwiti is to go to Africa, and seek the services of a shaman who will initiate you into the Bwiti with the assistance of his village. This is a process that only someone who is very strong would want to attempt.  It involves having a near-death experience, and a full ibogaine dose also induces a near-death experience. The Bwiti believe that this requires the support of a shaman and a village of helpers to induce the experience safely and with the right results. Journeys to Gabon, Africa can be arranged through our Contact Page.