End withdrawal and cravings, cellular detox , resolve previous trauma, know your truth, heal yourself

  Bwiti is the ancestral tradition of Iboga. It is a tradition that is open to all people who want to know the truth about themselves and about life.  The spiritual practice of working with the plant has been mastered by the Bwiti over the past thousands of years. You can experience this in an individual or group session depending on your preference. Sessions are provided by Bette Corsan either individually, with an assistant or with a team, depending on the situation. She is trained by an African shaman from Gabon, and has done her full initiation and Rites of Passage there.

 The types of sessions are: detox,  healing, psycho-spiritual and spiritual. Iboga art therapy is sometimes added as a process to explore the nature of creativity, love and self-actualisation. It does not require any artistic talent on the part of the clients to help realise their potential through change and self-directed growth.  All of the sessions are designed to help you find the answers you are looking for and you will be given tools to help in changing unwanted habits and beliefs.

If you would like to know if this therapy would be helpful for your situation, just go to the Contact Us page and give a description of what you are hoping Iboga can do for you.